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Hello fellow BHS Class of 1980 classmates,

Welcome to your new class homepage www.bluffton1980.com. After studying Classmates.com, Alumniclass.com and other social networking sites thinking that they might offer a better/faster/easier way to communicate, setting up our own website just seemed like the best approach. In the end, we can tailor the content exactly as we want, nobody will waste our time with a Mafia Wars challenge, and we don't have to pay a dime.

This site will develop over time, especially as we approach our 30 year reunion date, but I will leave it in place after that as a way for us to stay in touch even after the party is cleaned up. So even if you don't plan to attend the 30-year reunion, please fill out the contact information to make it easier to let you know about future events.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Thanks. I hope to see you soon.

Nick Zello





Details Are Set Based on Your Feedback



We sincerely apologize if you're just now finding out about this reunion. However, we don't have a good contact list, nor anyone searching for phone numbers on the internet. If you weren't contacted by us, please do not be offended. We haven't contacted anyone. We're counting on you to do that. We've made the reunion cheap and easy, so any of our classmates can attend, even if they find out at the last minute.

On the communications page is the list of the people who have NOT yet filled out a response. If you see someone's name on that list, and you know how to contact them, THEN DO IT!! Click here to see the list.

We're counting on you to help us tell all of our classmates about the reunion. So...

Please, forward this page (www.bluffton1980.com) to any classmates you know how to contact


That's ok, I'm not old enough to have a 30th reunion either. It just seemed like a fun theme for a party. I think the alternate theme could be, "Better Late, Than Never". So even though it's not far off, please mark your calendars for this.

DATE: September 25th, 2010 (Yes, that's Street Fair weekend)

LOCATION: Oubache State Park, Rustic Oak Lodge (Bring your park pass if you have one - otherwise park admission will be $5/vehicle)

TIME: 6 pm - 9 pm

We'll have the lodge all day if anyone wants to plan anything.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the preferences survey. You've probably just created one of the first blog-customized reunions ever. The resulting details are:

WHO: Classmates and spouses (or a date, if you think that's a good idea)

EVENTS: Main dinner gathering will be the only coordinated activity

FOOD PREFERENCE: Cookout - Food and beverages will be provided

COST: $5/person - pay at the park (plus $5/veh park admission if you don't have a pass)

RSVP: By filling out the contact information survey


DEADLINE: Aw, heck. The goal is to get you there. I know some classmates might not even hear about this until the last minute. So, if you decide at the last minute that you want to come, then please do. You can fill out the contact survey and pay your $5 at the door. Other than coming to your house to personally drive you there, we can't make it much easier on you.

As of midnight, Sept 22, 2010:

16 = Number of different states that have looked at this website

377 = Number of site visits

166 = Number of different visitors

39 = Number of classmates who have filled out the contact information survey

28 = Number of classmates planning to attend (plus 18 spouses/guests = 46 total)

Get these numbers up!

  • Have you (yes, you) personally contacted at least two classmates to tell them about the reunion and this website? (www.bluffton1980.com)
  • With the large number of visits, and the small number of surveys filled out, either the website isn't working, or there are a lot of lurkers. Go ahead...even if you don't plan to attend, fill out your contact profile.


Did you know that reunions all across the world are falling victim to a horrible plague. You and I know that plague as apathy. I heard that scientists thought they had a cure, but they didn't feel like working on it. So now it's up to you. Only you can save this reunion.

Your attendance is very important. We need at least some magic number of people to make this a success. There are no TV show premieres that night (at least not on the major networks), and you can still have time to catch Street Fair either before or after the reunion.

We're getting close! We have enough people now to fall somewhere into the dinner-party number of guests. We're still a little short of having an awesome reunion, so please keep spreading the word!

Time's running out and we've only reached about 30% of our classmates.

So take the initiative. Fill out the form, come to the reunion, and help us reach our goal. Become a part of that magic number.



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Number of People Planning to Attend

To spark everyone's synapses and restore access to the brain sectors holding all of those high school memories, I've added a trivia question to the Memories/Quiz page.

Click here to test yourself. As soon as someone remembers (or guesses) the correct answer, I'll post a new question. So check back regularly.

In case you haven't looked recently, BHS is not the same place we left. Check out the school's website: http://www.bhmsd.k12.in.us/about/hs