30 Year Home Page

Hello fellow BHS Class of 1980 classmates,

Welcome to your new class homepage www.bluffton1980.com. After studying Classmates.com, Alumniclass.com and other social networking sites thinking that they might offer a better/faster/easier way to communicate, setting up our own website just seemed like the best approach. In the end, we can tailor the content exactly as we want, nobody will waste our time with a Mafia Wars challenge, and we don't have to pay a dime.

This site will develop over time, and I will leave it in place after that as a way for us to stay in touch even after the party is cleaned up. So even if you didn't attend the 30-year reunion, please fill out the contact information to make it easier to let you know about future events.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Nick Zello




I would like to express my appreciation for all those people who helped to make our Reunion a success. Thank you...

... to everyone who registered their contact information on the website

... to everyone who passed the word along

... to everyone who attended

... to everyone who volunteered to help:

- Joel Makowski - Meat, charcoal, buns, beer

- Carol Glenn - Side dishes, Condiments, Trash bags, hand sanitizer, table cloths

- Carol Glenn and Robin Record ('79) - Cash Collection, name tags

- Lisa (Shively) Aschliman - Dessert (with support from Kim Aeschliman)

- Mark Pfister - Other beverages, plates, plasticware, cups, napkins

- Vic & Debbie Schott - Setup and signs

- Bob Caylor, Brian Reusser, Dan Pfister - Teardown/Cleanup

- Dan Pfister - Door prizes

- Mike Miller - Firewood

I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.

Remember, even though the reunion is over, we'd still like to continue collecting contact information to aid in the preparations for next time, so please continue to spread the word about www.bluffton1980.com.

If you have photos from the reunion that you're willing to share, please email them to blufftonclassof80@gmail.com and I'll post them to the photos page.

Also, I've had many requests to publish email contact information so that classmates can reconnect. Please contact me if you don't want your information posted on this site. (I promise to do it in a way that will not be obvious to automated web trollers searching for valid addresses to feed into their spam engines.)

We sincerely apologize if you're just now finding out about the reunion. However, we didn't have a good contact list, nor anyone searching for phone numbers on the internet. If you weren't contacted by us, please do not be offended. We didn't contact anyone. We're counting on you to do that. We made the reunion cheap and easy, so any of our classmates could attend, even if they found out at the last minute. However, we were not able to connect with everyone, despite the good effort.

On the communications page is the list of the people who have NOT yet filled out a response. If you see someone's name on that list, and you know how to contact them, THEN DO IT!! Click here to see the list.

We're counting on you to help us tell all of our classmates about this site so they can register their contact information and make the next reunion that much easier to communicate. So...

Please, forward this page (www.bluffton1980.com) to any classmates you know how to contact

In case you haven't looked recently, BHS is not the same place we left. Check out the school's website: http://www.bhmsd.k12.in.us/about/hs