Here are a few documents that I found from our past reunions. I think most of the thanks should go to Sheryl Longenberger, because she is the person who compiled the red booklet for our 20th reunion where I found these docs. If anyone has a clearer version of the senior Comet, please upload a copy. The file here has very grainy photos from having been copied several times.

I'm also going to post trivia quiz questions on this page. There's been some technical problems with the comment boxes, so from now on, send your guesses to

Today's quiz question: (enter your guess in the Comments box)

4. Who wore a pink tux to the prom?

5. Who was the entertainer at our freshman banquet?

Older Questions:

1. What was the theme of our senior prom? Stairway to Heaven (correctly guessed by Joel Makowski)

2. What was the theme of our JUNIOR prom? The Greatest Show on Earth (correctly guessed by Anonymous)

3. Who was our class valedictorian? Donna Biddle (correctly guessed by Anonymous)

Memory Archives:

Class Roster BHS 1980 — File listing the 122 members of the graduating class